MyFord® Mobile FAQs


Q: What is MyFord Mobile? Back to top
A: MyFord Mobile is the primary feature in the suite of tools Ford Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) owners will have to help them manage the charging process and monitor battery state of charge and control the car from nearly anywhere, anytime. Enabled by MyFord Mobile, owners also will be able to optimize their use of electricity from the grid with a value charging feature and get up-to-date charging station information powered by PlugShare and MapQuest.
Q: What platforms does the MyFord Mobile application support? Back to top
A: PC Portal Operating Systems
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Firefox 14+
  • Safari 5.14+
  • Chrome 20+

Mobile Operating Systems
  • Apple iPhone 5.1.1
  • Apple iPhone 6.0.1
  • Google Android 2.3.3
  • Google Android 2.3.4
  • Google Android 2.3.6
  • Google Android 4.0.4
Q: What is the initial subscription cost for the application? Back to top
A: The MyFord Mobile application is included with in your vehicle purchase for a period of 5 years from the date of vehicle sale.
Q: What is the ongoing cost beyond the initial 5 year subscription included in the vehicle purchase price? Back to top
A: Ongoing costs for the MyFord Mobile application have not been determined at this time.
Q: Is MyFord Mobile fully transferable with the ownership of the vehicle? Back to top
A: Yes, the initial 5 year subscription to the MyFord Mobile application is fully transferable.
Q: What if I have feedback or additional questions about MyFord Mobile? Back to top
A: Call Ford Motor Company

800-392-FORD (3673)

(TDD for the hearing impaired)
Q: How do I register? Back to top
A: On a PC, and on a mobile phone via the downloadable application offered free at the app stores for iPhone and Android.
Q: Why are my email address and mobile phone number required for registration? Back to top
A: Email addresses are the unique user identification for MyFord Mobile accounts. Your mobile phone number is used to send you alerts and notifications that you can select after registering and associating a vehicle to your account.
Q: MyFord Mobile stopped sending mobile phone alerts and notifications? Back to top
A: If you changed your mobile phone number or mobile phone service carrier, then edit your Account Information appropriately. Alerts and notifications will be restored after the mobile phone number or mobile phone service carrier has been updated.
Q: Where can I get more information? Back to top
A: is a valuable resource that houses everything you need to get the most out of your ownership experience. Visit now to access the following benefits:
  • Find dealer-specific service coupons
  • Schedule dealer service
  • Track service history
  • Find owner guides and other glove compartment materials
  • View informational and how-to technology videos
  • Contact Roadside Assistance
  • Locate a dealer
  • View your SYNC Vehicle Health Report (VHR)
  • This educational site features information on learning more about electrified vehicle technologies: Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrids, and All-Electrics.
  • Official website for the all-new 2012 Ford Focus Electric. Also, sign up to get more updates on this all-electric vehicle.
  • Like this page to join in with other EV fans on conversation posts, interactive vehicle modules, and exclusive video content.
  • Official website for the all-new 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi (Ford’s first production plug-in hybrid).  Also, sign up to get more updates on these technology-advanced, multi-activity vehicles.
  • Resource website that provides unique interactive learning tools to help interested consumers and new owners understand even more about Ford’s all-new "plug-in" electric vehicles (plug-in hybrids and all-electrics) and how to easily make the most of the electrified lifestyle
Q: What is the difference between MPG and MPGe? Back to top
A: The EPA Label MPGe for an Energi vehicle is based only on plug-in power mode operation, with no gasoline usage. If the plug-in power from the battery has been depleted and the vehicle has been driven using gasoline, the average MPGe includes both plug-in power mode and hybrid mode operation, so the value will typically be lower than the MPGe shown on the EPA Label. The MPGe value goes down as the amount of gasoline used during hybrid mode operation goes up.


Q: How does MyFord Mobile work? Back to top
A: MyFord Mobile uses an onboard integrated wireless module allowing the car to communicate with Ford’s cloud-computing service through familiar cellular technology. Owners use a Smartphone app or website to communicate with Ford’s cloud-based secure server, helping to ensure up-to-the-minute access to vehicle information and a full suite of remote-controlled functionality.
Q: Can the Ford Customer Service Center unlock my car like OnStar®? Back to top
A: No, Ford's customer service center cannot unlock your car for you or initiate any remote control function.
Q: How does the MyFord Mobile application know my vehicle's location? Back to top
A: All MyFord Mobile enabled vehicles are equipped with an integrated GPS module and the vehicle location coordinates are stored on Ford's cloud-computing service for access through the MyFord Mobile application.


Q: Why is old data displayed when my application starts up? Back to top
A: The timestamp on the application data reflects the last time the data was refreshed on the application. If your vehicle hasn't changed battery charge levels, then typically the application accurately reflects vehicle information. If you want to the application to refresh the data every time the application is opened, then select 'My Account' on the right-hand side of the MyFord Mobile navigation bar. Then under MyFord Mobile Setting move the Auto-update slider to the on position.

Note: Application start-up time will increase because the data will be refreshed every time the application is opened.
Q: Why is the DTE estimate different than I saw displayed when I turned off the vehicle? Back to top
A: DTE is key-specific, so if someone has turned on the vehicle or driven it since you last used it, the last key used information is displayed.


My Car

Q: What is remote start for an Electric Vehicle? Back to top
A: Remote start for an electric vehicle offers a user the ability to start the climate control system for the vehicle based upon the last settings.

Note: If the vehicle is not plugged in, remote start will reduce the vehicle’s electric-only range.
Q: How many times can you issue a remote start request in an hour? Back to top
A: At most two remote start requests can be issued per hour from the MyFord Mobile application and the key fob combined.
Q: What are GO Times? Back to top
A: This isn’t a charge schedule; this is your schedule. While you don’t need GO Times, they will help your vehicle prepare itself for you. Want a warm car on that cold morning? Using GO Times will heat it up without using battery power a few minutes before you plan to leave. Leaving in the middle of the night? GO Times will make sure that you will use as much of that Value Charge as possible and still make sure you have a full battery. Just remember, your vehicle needs to be plugged in to enjoy GO Times.
Q: What are Value Charge Profiles? Back to top
A: Value Charge Profiles allow you to control charge settings for a specific location to optimize savings. Value Charge Profiles allow MyFord Mobile users to reduce their electricity costs by taking advantage of reduced rates offered by their utility without a complicated set-up process. If the driver establishes a GO Time, he or she needs the car to be ready; the Value Charge Profile figures out when to start charging based on how empty the batteries are, and what hours electricity is cheapest. Otherwise the default is to be fully charged within 24 hours.
Q: Why does my vehicle start charging immediately when I have a Value Charge Profile created for this location? Back to top
A: The vehicle overrides the Value Charge Profile if the State of Charge of the traction battery is less than 10%. After the vehicle charges up to 10%, it will delay the remainder of the charge until the lower-cost times selected in the Value Charge Profile.
Q: What is the Default Value Charge Profile? Back to top
A: The Default Value Charge Profile defines your car's charging behavior in locations without their own specific Value Charge Profile.
Q: Why doesn't the distance-to-empty (DTE) displayed on the cluster at key-off match the MyFord Mobile DTE? Back to top
A: The vehicle displays the distance-to-empty estimate which includes your average accessory usage if any accessories are turned on, but the vehicle sends the distance-to-empty estimate that does not include any accessory usage to MyFord Mobile.

My Driving

Q: Why is Miles Driven not the same as my odometer reading? Back to top
A: Miles Driven is a total number of miles logged since the vehicle was added to the account. The vehicles odometer can be seen under the Vehicle Info tab.
Q: I use a Value Charge Profile at some charging locations. I noticed that it can take more time to charge than if I select Charge Now. Why? Back to top
A: The lowest cost charging opportunity for your Value Charge Profile might be spread across different cost/time windows, so the expected total time to charge includes the times when your vehicle isn't actually charging.
Q: I use a Value Charge Profile at some 110 volt charging locations. The vehicle starts charging immediately even though the Value Profile low-cost time doesn't occur until later in the day. Why? Back to top
A: If the high-voltage traction battery temperature is < 50°F / 10°C, then the vehicle will start charging the battery immediately in order to provide the shortest charge time so your vehicle will be ready when you need it.

My Account

Q: When receiving alerts on my mobile phone I receive the following message, example: "Welcome to your Mobile Phone Carrier email to SMS service. You have mail, but are not subscribed. Reply 'yes' to this message to subscribe." What does that mean? Back to top
A: Some mobile phone service plans charge additional fees for enhanced text messaging services. Please refer to the instructions provided in the message from your carrier to subscribe. If you elect not to subscribe, then de-select text messaging from notifications to avoid having the same message delivered from your mobile phone carrier in the future.